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REZI: Accelerated Growth & Margin Rebound Ahead Supported by Market Moderation & Cost Reduction
Resideo Technologies, Inc. (REZI) has laid out a path to accelerated growth following their Q1FY19 earnings, with lower market moderation and cost reductions providing support. The company's support of all major in-home smart tech (like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home & Samsung SmartThings) put it in position to benefit, and the management indicated margins will rebound in the medium-term - now's the time to enter to take early advantage of these factors.

  • REZI Leaves Guidance Cut Behind / Margins Anticipated to Rebound Post-FY2020 / Early Entry Recommended
  • Strong Q1FY19 Earnings Shows Accelerated Growth Ahead / Lower Market Moderation & Cost Reductions Help
  • Home Automation Systems Support Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home & Samsun SmartThings
  • First Acquisition Made Post-HON Spin / New Product Launches / Prioritizing Deleveraging
  • Revised Target Price / REZI is a Current ESR Model Portfolio Holding
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