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NPN SJ: Second Spin Looking to Narrow Discount Further
Shortly after the completion of its pay-TV Spinoff MultiChoice Group Ltd (MCG SJ) in March 2019, Naspers Ltd (NPN SJ) announced the Spinoff of its international (non-South African) portfolio holdings, which are now to be co-listed on the Euronext Amsterdam and Johannesburg exchanges in mid-September. Prosus NV (PRX NA), the Spinoff company, will be the largest consumer internet company in Europe and the third-largest by assets in the Netherlands. Read on for more details.

  • Recent MCG Spin Narrowed NPN Market Value Discount / Naspers (NPN SJ) to Spinoff Prosus NV (PRX NA)
  • PRX to be the Largest Consumer Internet Company in Europe & Third-Largest on the Amsterdam Exchange
  • Spinoff Provides Opportunity for Global Investors to Access PRX's Diverse Portfolio of Tech Assets
  • NPN Retains 73% Stake / Spinoff Eases Single-Stock Concentration Risk for NPN Investors on the JSE
  • Spinoff Completes on September 11, 2019 / NPN is a Current Spinoff Model Portfolio Holding
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