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New Spin: Swedish Investment Firm Divests Stake in Listed Telecom Holding
Following the Spinoff of its 20% stake in Modern Times Group AB (MTGB SS) in August 2018, Kinnevik AB (KINVB SS) continues its slimming down of the portfolio by divesting its entire 37.2% stake in Millicom International Cellular SA (TIGO) to shareholders through a distribution of Swedish depositary receipts (SDRs), which are then convertible to Millicom shares listed on the NASDAQ. As of yesterday (November 7), the distribution date and ratio have been disclosed.

  • Unfavorable Market Prevented a Public Sale of Millicom Stake / Redemption Share Distribution Approved
  • KINVB SS Has Provided a +21% Return YTD Compared to OMX Index's +7%
  • Follows August 2018 Distribution of Modern Times Group AB (MTGB SS) Shares
  • Distribution Ratio Set: 0.1372 TIGO Shares Per KINVB Shares Owned
  • Spinoff Completed December 3, 2019 / KINVB SS Enters the Upcoming EUR Spinoffs Calendar
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