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Top Potential Spins to be Announced in 2020
Looking ahead into the New Year, there are a number of high-profile strategic reviews that may result in break-up announcements. These include former Spin Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. (BNED), Celanese Corp. (CE), and Textron, Inc. (TXT), the latter of which is the only one of three to not yet announce from our "Three Strategic Reviews Seeking Value Creation" release in October. Read on for more of our calls on potential upcoming Spinoff announcements in 2020.

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Dear Partners,

This is the first step toward crafting bespoke research, and is an opportunity to have your core objections to any covered situation addressed within the final research produced.

  1. Ultimately, this will base our fundamental, technical and insider analysis and recommendations around what you don't know yet but find vital to understand before taking action. 
  2. You will be contacted personally in the coming weeks by our global deals analyst (Jonathan P. Morgan) regarding these companies, so please digest the 20 situations contained within. If you have any early questions, send them directly to research@edgecgroup.com

Timing -
This will be released monthly, allowing you to see the situations that we're working on right now, which range from unknown privatizations / restructuring to management / organizational changes.

Extra Benefits for You and the Team - 

  • Global Idea Flow - Ensuring you see opportunities from around the world not seen in the mainstream;
  • Under Covered Names - Enabling you to get into less crowded investments, increasing return potential;
  • Multi Catalyst Events - Multiple situations keeping your team busy with analyzing and not sourcing;
  • Maximum Investment Ideas - Filling the needs of those who want the idea and those who want the full report;
NOTE: These are not recommendations on which to take action, but are intended as previews of upcoming or ongoing situations that we believe hold potential value.
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