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NOKIA FH: 5G Complications Strengthen Potential Nokia Takeover
The street is saying the UK is aligning with Trump against China and Huawei in deploying 5G, directly in-line with our published thoughts on how there is a strong case for an activist investor to bring 5G to the US by pursuing a suitor to acquire Nokia Oyj (NOKIA FH), which is available at a discounted valuation. With the right leadership, financial muscle, and US government backing, Nokia will make a formidable competitor and eliminate US concern over the risk of losing the 5G struggle.

  • No Local 5G Player Creates a Concern for the US / Losing Out to International Companies (Especially Huawei)
  • Nokia Looks Attractive for a Takeover / The Edge Shortlists Potential US Acquirers
  • Acquisition Valuation Detailed / NOKIA FH is Currently on The Edge's Watchlist
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