Special Situations
BBBY: Buy Ahead of Ex-TGT Value Creator's Turnaround Plan, MP Increase
Improving operations takes time, and Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc.'s (BBBY) continued efforts are no exception. Having brought on turnaround specialist Mark Tritton to right the ship, the company is making strides in improving its digital sales and is set to release its full turnaround plan in the Spring. In an interim update ahead of its Q4FY19 earnings (April 15, 2020), BBBY has revealed pressure on its revenue coming out of the holiday season, which provides a buy opportunity at lower levels.

  • Investors Recommended to Use Price Drop to Buy or Accumulate BBBY
  • Turnaround Expected to Take Additional Time (2-3 Year Horizon for Full Execution)
  • In-Store Revenue Drops on Increased Focus on Digital (+20% Revenue) & Promotional Activity
  • Spring 2020 (March-June) Release of Final Turnaround Plan / Earnings April 15, 2020
  • Target Price Revised / BBBY Increases Special Situations Weighting by +2% at the End of Today's (February 12) VWAP
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