Yesterday’s listing of France’s 52% stake in the state lottery company, Francaise des Jeux (FDJ), was met with great anticipation as the share price soared over 16% on its first day of trading. As Europe’s second largest lottery (the fourth largest worldwide) and due to its stable fundamentals, attractive dividend payments, and a long-term exclusivity deal, we add FDJ to our watchlist for a better entry point ahead of its semi-annual earnings next year.
22 Nov 2019
Both former CEO's of General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) should pay back their combined half-a-billion severance packages to restore their reputations. Jack Welsh was awarded $417 million dollars when he parachuted out of the company in 2001 and Jeff Immelt should do the same with the $211 million he took in 2017. So says The Edge, stating that the 130-year-old GE is as close to collapse as ever thanks to the legacy of systemic weakness left by 83-year-old Welch and his 63-year-old successor Immelt.
19 Nov 2019
DuPont de Nemours, Inc. (DD) and Corteva, Inc. (CTVA) both have long-term catalysts offering a view toward growth over the coming years, though these positives will take time to play through for the companies. The long-anticipated merger of DuPont and Dow Chemical (completed in August 2017) and the subsequent Spinoffs in 2018 resulted in three pure-play giants in their respective industries, all of which are now able to leverage their respective strengths and look to the future.
19 Nov 2019
After listing through the Reverse Morris Trust transaction from DXC Technology Co. (DXC) in June 2018, Perspecta, Inc. (PRSP) lost roughly 35% of its market value and hit $16 by the end of the year. However, the company has seen a resurgence in its stock price with a +65% rally YTD supported by many minor contract wins (boosting visible cash flow), and has received several extensions for a major NEGN contract through to September 2020. We recommend investors to book profits at current levels.
18 Nov 2019
Inorganic growth has been the name of the game for Fox Corp. (FOXA) since the Entertainment assets (Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. - TFCF, FOXA's former Parent) were acquired by The Walt Disney Co. (DIS) in Q1 2019. Most recently, FOXA has completed the acquisition of three TV stations from Nexstar Media Group and Credible Labs, as well as maintaining a strong offering of sports and entertainment (The Masked Singer), which have all contributed to this quarter beating estimates.
14 Nov 2019
Controversial fugitive John McAfee has launched an astonishing attack on Facebook’s planned cryptocurrency Libra by blasting it as an “abomination,” and he says it will give CEO Mark Zuckerberg never-before-seen domination over its users. McAfee, 74, who claims he’s on the run from the CIA, spoke exclusively to The Edge from his undisclosed hiding spot about his beta McAfeeDEX decentralized exchange. Read Jim's full interview and McAfee's thoughts on Forbes.
05 Nov 2019