It’s become an international brand giant with 373 stores in 12 countries and employing 75,000 staff, and this could just be the tip of the iceberg for Primark if the board of Associated British Foods Plc (LON: ABF) capitalize on its growth and decide to Spinoff the crown jewel segment. According to The Edge, Primark is the epicenter of growth at ABF, but its actual value is not achieved in the company’s current share price due to the weak fundamentals of the other businesses.
15 Oct 2019
At least three of America’s biggest defense companies stand to make fortunes for investors after US President Donald Trump ratcheted up war rhetoric and sanctions on the Iranian regime following the Saudi Aramco oil drone strikes last month. President Trump has even more reason to be furious with Iran after his threat that the US was “locked and loaded.” It has become personal after hackers linked to Iran's government targeted the President’s 2020 US presidential election bid.
08 Oct 2019
Two iconic US tire companies, Goodyear and Cooper, have DESTROYED shareholder value this year. While the index is up +18%, GT is -30% and CTB is -19%. Jim Osman is calling for the two of them to merge together and realize the synergies before they completely fail. Read Jim's newest Forbes article for more...
01 Oct 2019
In an exclusive interview with The Edge, 40-year-old Per Johansson (CIO and founder of Sweden's Bodenholm Capital AB) keeps a piece of advice in mind that Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway gave him 10 years ago when he is picking staff, and tells why Bodenholm is active in Spinoffs and spends a good proportion of their time researching them.
09 Sep 2019
Click inside to read our initial ideas from back in December 2018 when AT&T, Inc. (T) was at $30 and we examined a break-up opportunity. AT&T soared Monday after Paul Singer's Elliott Management announced it owns $3.2bn in the underperforming telecom giant's stock, and said in a letter that it hopes to help the company trim unneeded assets.
09 Sep 2019
Not only did Perspecta, Inc.'s (PRSP) earnings report beat our estimates on all parameters, but recent contract wins, strategic acquisitions, and continued insider buying into stock price strength all further support our long-term growth thesis on the company. The stock has rallied back up to its listing price, and we believe there's more to the company's strategy to come that will narrow its discount, meaning the time to get involved (if not already) is now.
20 Aug 2019