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Analysis and Calendars are now attached to the email alerts moving forward for convenience. As June ends next week, two Spinoffs (one domestic and one international) will also complete: IAC/InterActiveCorp (IAC) will distribute its 80% stake in Match Group, Inc. (MTCH) and Metso Oyj (MEO1V FH) will perform a Spin-merger with Outotec Oyj (OTE1V FH). There are more break-ups on the calendar ahead into Q3 and toward the end of the year, which we are evaluating for potential pre-Spin upside.
25 Jun 2020
Alongside the strategic reviews, insider buying and potential break-ups we are tracking on the Special Situations Event Preview, we have added recently analyzed insider selling (as short ideas) and a Fallen Spinoff with value creation ahead, as well as a compelling case for an activist-led split of a well-known luxury car-maker. See inside this edition for more details.
09 Jun 2020
Three Spinoffs expected in June are of particular interest: IAC/InterActiveCorp's (IAC) distribution of its stake in Match Group, Inc. (MTCH), SunPower Corp.'s (SPWR) separation of its solar manufacturing arm Maxeon Solar Technologies, and the European Spin-merger between Metso Oyj (METSO FH) and Outotec Oyj (OTE1V FH). A couple more companies had guided for separations by the end of the quarter, so watch for clarity on those names as well.
29 May 2020
The current environment continues to reinforce our belief in catalysts as the most important element of any idea generating returns. Watch for catalysts like insider buying, segments lacking in synergies that may be Spun off, or companies seeking change to adapt to new challenges. To make our Special Situations idea flow easier to track, we have added to the table of contents to include a list of recently removed names, and which month's edition they last appeared in. Read on for more.
11 May 2020
Despite the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and resulting disruption to normal business operations in many major industries, there remain a handful of Spinoffs that are on track for completion in the coming months, like IAC/InterActiveCorp (IAC), SunPower Corp. (SPWR) and Metso Oyj (METSO FH). See inside for more details on the upcoming list of global Spinoffs.
22 Apr 2020
Investors are not the only ones chasing value when the markets are in the conditions they are now - companies themselves and their managements are also looking for ways to increase their valuations through strategies and actions. These may include evaluating certain segments for separation or positioning themselves for growth once the world recovers from this virus outbreak. We are constantly screening for new opportunities for investors in this dynamic space - see inside for more.
09 Apr 2020