Distressed Credit

The Edge is an investment research company that provides stellar research and consulting solutions in the areas of distressed credit and more. As a boutique research group, we also offer unbiased, comprehensive, and high quality research to help you shape and sharpen your investment processes. If you are looking to get the latest insights pertaining to distressed credit investments, we can help!

The Edge | What is Distressed Credit?

Distressed credit is a relatively small but growing sector of the hedge fund and private equity market. This particular sector focuses on investment opportunities that have credit instruments trading at a significantly lower price, but with a greater than average spread for its industry. Distressed credit investments take the form of bonds and loans that are intended to aid companies facing significant challenges, e.g. being near bankruptcy. With that, distressed credit research and analysis is designed to help you identify the said distressed credit investment opportunities that have the ability to generate long-term total return.

The Edge | Why You Need Actionable Intelligence About Distressed Credit

  • Our multi-sector analysts are trained to provide you actionable ideas that bring the highest ROI
  • You will not be misinformed by obsolete, mainstream research
  • You will be able to identify distressed credit investment opportunities that are offered by promising and liquid companies
  • … and more!

The Edge | Why Choose Us for Distressed Credit Research & Analytics?

The Edge was founded in 2005, and is a leading research and analytics provider for investment intelligence. Our team comprises of dedicated credit analysts, financial journalists, and more. What’s more, we have diverse expertise and experience in investment banking, law, trading, etc. When you consult us for your distressed credit intelligence needs, you can rest assured that we are able to take complex information and make them into insightful and timely market intelligence. With +8.5% alpha, you have nothing to worry about. Your journey to getting fully researched actionable ideas for distressed credit investments start here. Contact The Edge team today to get started!