StressedCredit Lite

Stressed Credit for the Smaller & More Nimble Investor

  • Stressed Credit Lite will analyze and present stressed, distressed & post-bankruptcy investment ideas on a global basis. Focusing on the credit opportunity, the publication will enable investors who want an insight into this part of the market until now only available to the larger manager.
  • Global Stressed High Yield Investments Idea generation and fundamental analysis made available on a readable and actionable level to the investor.
  • Best of The Best Our multi sector analyst team will crunch down the highest convictions of the month’s investment recommendations and deliver them to you enabling faster action and increased opportunity.
  • Minimum 24 Opportunities Per Year Two or more fully written up investment opportunities per month plus much more ensuring you will gain traction, be an informed investor in the space and free up time for execution.

Stressed Credit Lite Subscription Plans:

*Receive one month free with an annual subscription

Monthly Subscription

$99/ month


Annual Subscription

$1,089/ year


  • Complete list of Spinoffs covered

  • Comprehensive calendar of global Spinoffs

  • Current conviction calls

  • Fundamental analysis of Spinoffs

  • Performance of historical recommendations

  • Model portfolio holdings, performance and price targets

  • All related monthly news

  • Potential company Spinoff list

  • Real time updates of The Edge Model Portfolio

  • Commentary by Jim Osman, Founder & CEO

"The Edge’s Research is a Critical Component of Our Idea Generation …" - Shayan Mohammdi, Chief Investment Officer, Tessellation Capital Management, San Francisco

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