I hear you thinking before we start: “Jim is going to tell me a story about how The Edge is so great and that you need to use them to have success.” Well, I’m not. I want to give you the benefit of my 25 years in the industry for you to be a more comprehensive investor. Sound better? Good. Let’s go.

Part of being good at anything relies on you understanding on what you’re not good at. Let’s start with what you are good at. Make a list. Am I good at interpreting the numbers? Good at reading company documents? Good with recognizing strong management? Do I just know a good investment when I see it? Make no mistake, the latter is a real skill too.

Now let’s go with what you are not good at. Finding ideas? Having a process? Choosing what to execute from a bank, or even pulling the trigger? These are all problems I regularly confront with small and big investors. Here are three simple tips to help you find and execute ideas, and ultimately make a return.

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