By Evelyn Cheng, Senior Writer, CNBC: In his first speech as Minneapolis Fed President, Neel Kashkari last week stirred up discussion on “too big to fail” banks by calling for serious consideration of breaking up the financial giants.

Amid a beaten-up financials sector, talk of breaking up big banks creates an attractive entry point for investors looking for long-term returns, according to The Edge, a consultancy firm that focuses on spinoffs.

“This is probably the biggest opportunity,” said Ryan Mendy, the firm’s chief operating officer. “If it’s ever going to happen, if it’s ever going to be brought to light, it’s going to be in the next eight months.” [Get The Edge’s full analysis now]  

The time frame ends with the U.S. presidential election. Here are other challenges that could put pressure on banks to potentially restructure, according to The Edge:

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