Using a pioneering approach to investments, The Edge provides its clients and investors with the ability to access hidden corporate value from Global Special Situations.


Est. 2005, The Edge is the market leader in Global Stressed Credit, Spinoffs and Special Situations. Providing early intelligence and engagement at levels unavailable anywhere else in the world today, and any price. The Edge's Global Spinoff Report delivers clients unparalleled data and fundamental analysis on each company that we predict will break-up next, as well as long / short recommendations on every announced corporate Spinoff. Generating substantial value & alpha for our clients and ultimately their investors. Find out more below to get instant access…


The Global Special Situations Report screens worldwide and analyzes misunderstood equities for investors wanting to benefit from hidden stock value. A special situation is a circumstance (event) involving an equity that would focus investors to trade the stock based on the upcoming special situation, rather than the underlying fundamentals. Find out more below to get instant access…


Get 15 to 20% yields from Global Stressed Credit Bonds; especially in this market. Find out more below to get instant access…


The Edge Spinoff Report is the global leading investment research specialist on Corporate Break-Ups (Spinoffs). Est. 2005, The Spinoff Report® was founded by fund management and investment banking professionals to provide high quality, private equity-level research on Global Corporate Divestitures for the benefit of fundamental event-driven, growth and value-oriented investors in this difficult to track, but proven investment space.

  • The most comprehensive global Spinoff research in the world
  • Multi sector and geographically experienced team
  • Accountable model portfolio


The Edge's investment recommendations have continually outperformed every major global benchmark


The Edge Special Situation Report identifies and analyzes Global Equity Event-Driven Special Situations for investors looking to benefit from market inefficiencies. The Special Situations covered include, among others: activism, turnaround, deep value with catalyst, insider dealings, mergers, management change, Reverse Morris Trusts and restructurings.

  • Unique, deep value, under-covered, in-house screened catalyst
    idea flow
  • Hidden value situations from a specialist proven money manager
  • Full analyst backup including weekly review and action call

Our factual studies with our partner Deloitte give our clients the edge over mainstream Wall Street analysis


Stressed and distressed credit, high yield bond opportunities with YTM’s of 15-20%. Generating substantial alpha for our clients and their investors. The Edge Stressed Credit (ESC) provides early intelligence and engagement levels that are simply unavailable anywhere else in the world for institutional credit money managers. Consistent and actionable global opportunities of turnaround names not widely-known. Deeply analyzed, revealing mispriced mid to large cap global securities where a significant gap between market & fair value exists but where the fundamentals are misunderstood. Creating investment opportunities at excellent entry levels.

Invest at the next level with ESC:

  • 24 Opportunities per year. US, European and Asia
  • 200+ analyst hours poured into each idea produced before recommending
  • Transparent analysis of fundamental capital structure and revenue models
  • Recommendations on Bull, Base and Bear case scenarios, technicals and peer analysis
  • Management, their incentives, history, track record and outlook plans
  • Global high quality companies using a lot of debt, e.g. Big reorganizations and misunderstood Chapter 11 companies
  • Fully understand each situation, with the back-up of a dedicated analyst team
  • Allowing you and the team to save months of time qualifying an ideal, helping you act-on and turnaround decisions faster to create alpha for you and your investors.

As we enter the next era of the value cycle, compelling analysis of income opportunities you can trust will be vital

Jim Osman


Jim Leads the analysis and ideas process. He has one simple view and goal : Return on investment (ROI)

A seasoned portfolio manager in global special situations, Jim is passionate about ensuring the analysis is geared towards ‘real actionable situations’ and goes beyond  a buy or sell-side analysts view. Jim brings to The Edge two decades of ROI experience and has been quoted as saying that ‘your experience alone does not create value, your ability to turn your experience into Alpha is what creates true value

Jim founded The Edge in 2005  and studied Investment Management The London Business School.

+1 (973) 867 7760

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Ryan Mendy


Ryan is responsible for the firm’s overall client base and also its new business and marketing divisions. Ryan has an engrained vision for both original content research and valuation discovery within equity special situations and corporate Spinoffs. Working together with Jim, Ryan makes sure that all research generated by the firm is consistently delivering an edge for clients, ensuring all receive relevant, high quality ideas. He brings The Edge over 15 years’ experience as an analyst and in corporate broking with institutions such as WestLB, Goldman Sachs and Numis Securities. He has been responsible for numerous IPOs, equity fund raisings and investor marketing roadshows. He joined The Edge in 2008.

+1 (973) 867 7760

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The Global Research Team

The team led by Jonathan P. Morgan comprises nine highly qualified, full-time investment research analysts and associates dedicated to identifying, tracking and analyzing Spinoffs & special situations on a global basis.

It’s not only the forward looking analysis that is important, but the continuous examination of pre-existing facts to generate ideas and genuine value.

The analysts also have access to a network of resources with specific sector and geographical expertise covering all market caps and industries. The team has been together since 2007.

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